Want to go for a Car Ride?! Only if you are Buckled Up!

travelling with a dog in the carPlanning a road trip? Planning on traveling with a dog in the car? I know that during the summer one of my favourite things to do is go on day road trips. We head out early and come home late; we also take our dog along for the journey. Until recently, I never considered that traveling with a dog in the car was unsafe, but Continue reading →

Smokey’s Feeling Ill? Most Common Health Problems in Cats

Cats are great at taking care of themselves, but if they like it or not, they do need our help from time to time. Seeing your cat ill can be distressing but being aware of some of the most common health problems in cats can help you figure out what the issue might be. These may be common cat health problems but make sure any illness your pet Continue reading →

Pet First Aid Kits- Keep your Pets Safe

dog coneI never really think about what would happen if my pets got injured, I guess I take it for granted that they will just be fine from day to day. But pets are unpredictable and accidents do happen so it is better to be prepared by having pet first aid kits on hand. The kits will allow you to be ready for anything that could happen while travelling with your pet, playing Continue reading →